Vagabond Vintage Furnishings Drop Shipping Program for Retailers:
To expedite your set-up, please email me back at with your acknowledgement and agreement to the following terms using this form in the body of this email:

1) You must have a secure website to take your own retail consumer orders, rare exceptions will be made on a case by case basis.
2) You must then place individual wholesale orders for each of your customers on using your login credentials – one customer order at a time.
3) You must provide a credit card on our site to pre-authorize the purchase.
4) You must provide us with your ground shipping account number at Fed-Ex or UPS for our company to blind ship to your customer directly without you taking possession of the product.
5) After placing a note on your wholesale order at the point of checkout on our site that says “drop ship customer” – you must then email us a “packing list” to include in the box.
6) You must agree to a $5.00 per box drop ship fee that we will charge your card, once the product ships.
7) You are responsible for your customers’ satisfaction, feedback, complaints, returns and claims. You are responsible for contacting us with any changes to your wholesale order.
8) We will never deal directly with your customers and you must never allow your customers to view wholesale pricing that you receive on our website.
9) You agree to be fully responsible for collecting retail dollars and reporting any sales tax.