Solid Wood Room Divider


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Vintage Solid Wood Mirrored Room Divider

Wonderful, antiqued teak-wood room divider purchased in a container of antiques from India. This is a solid divider with no hinges or moving sections. There are 16 total panels (12 that are mirrors) and it is two-sided (24 mirror glass panels total). 

The four lower wooden inner panels are 31" tall X 11" wide. Each glass panel is 11" x 9". There are four scroll-cut feet that stick out 10.5" on 4 sides to stabilize the unit. Excellent for store display or for resale.

Ships Freight Only - this piece measures:

53" wide

72.5" tall or high

21" wide with four scrolled feet

1" thick wood

 Sold As Is: $695.00