Rare Vintage Framed Print of King George & Queen Elizabeth


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Rare Vintage Framed Color Calendar Page from "Bombay"

Purchased in a container of antiques from Delhi, India, this is an interesting wood framed color printing of an Illustration of the King and Queen in old Bombay (now Mumbai) IndiaThe Royal Couple - King George VI and Queen Elizabeth are depicted in their coronation robes with a probable Circa of late very late 1930s. The inset b/w photo that this illustration was made from was at their Coronation in 1936.


This framed piece is from a calendar and has color fading, small flaking, a few scratches noticeable due to it's age at roughly 80 years old. King George VI ruled from 1936 to his death in 1952 and was considered "King" or "Emperor" of India in addition to England. India became an independent state in 1950.

Dimensions are 15.75" wide X 19.75" tall or high. Old wood frame, no glass, one hanging loop at the top center.

Sold As Is: $78.00