Chinese Wedding Basket


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Antique Chinese Wedding Basket Circa 1900 (2 of 2) This second listing of a late Qing Dynasty Chinese Wedding Basket that is identical to our other listing, except this piece has seen a little more wear and the top brass handle is not as ornate. These baskets were used gifts of food and more throughout the 16th to early 19th centuries. It has the original finish of a medium brown color and is lacquered clear. There are sturdy hand carved wooden side handles fastened in place by decorative brass hardware. There is a separate brass swivel handle at the top and two-tiers inside for gifts of food and other trinkets for the wedding couple. As shown in the photos, the food trays separate, and even the lid can be inverted to serve. The trays fit snugly into one another providing storage and carrying ability. The bamboo and reed weaving of this style of basket is well defined. This basket is also very sturdy but some of the weaving is coming out of the top cover edge. There are other signs of wear consistent with age, notably in the patina with a few chips in the outer edges. Could be used functionally, decoratively or even as a small side table. Great in store displays. Dimensions: 21" tall or high X 15" round diameter. The handle when up would extend the height by 1.5". Each section and removable tray is about 7" in depth.

Sold As Is: $125.00