Art Deco Glass Shade


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End of Day Art Glass Starburst Art Deco Globe Shade This is a vintage "End of Day" Art Deco Glass Starburst Lamp Shade. Goes great with Art Deco Figural Radio Lamps and Accent Figurative Lamps. Would also work with ceiling fixtures. Exact age and manufacturing company is unknown. It is possibly Czech in origin. "End of Day" art glass was originally made by early glass artists who did not want to waste the different bits of glass that was typically left over at the end of their work day, hence the name "End of Day" Also known as splatter art glass, this has a nice glossy finish with orange inside. Predominant colors are orange, red, yellow, brown and black on the outside but all orange on the inside.There is a very small chip on the inner opening lip, and some other very very small chips in the same unseen area, but other than that the shade is in perfect shape. Dimensions: 6.5" height, 7.5" outer diameter with a 3" opening. The lip is 1/2"

Sold As Is: $35.00