Antique Carved Chinese Wooden Matching Chairs


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Antique Carved Chinese Wooden Matching Chairs

Outstanding pair of antique Chinese couple's chair Circa 1800-1849. There is tons of character and details in the carved elements as shown in the photos. Carved from very hard wood and lovingly stained and finished this may be the original finish with only clear lacquer applied over the years. The bowed back rest and curved arm rests on these chairs typically means they were designed as a symbol of the marital fidelity of the couple who owned this pair of chairs. Other provenance indicates perhaps older styling (dating from Ming dynasty) as Chinese "official's hat" armchairs. Many chairs of this age were influenced by the "Chippendale" trends of 1800s furnishings worldwide. The foot rests are worn and the side leg extenders are simple. The chairs are as depicted with a reddish medium brown finish. There are noticeable cracks, nicks and marks on both chairs as would be expected from their age. The integrity and strength of the joints in these chairs is very good. These chairs were designed as a matched pair, and as such, are sold together. Price listed is for the pair of chairs. Dimensions: 43" tall or high to highest point on seat back. The seat height is 21" off the ground and the seats are 22" wide. The chair's depth is 17" from back to front. Due to the age and size of these chairs, Freight Only shipping is highly recommended. Boxing and sending via ground, you are at your own risk.

Sold As Is (Pair): $695.00